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The Blind Spot – Every Motorcycles Weakness

Motorcycles; due to being narrower than cars face a big threat on our highways and roads. Sometimes they may simply be completely unseen by other vehicles or truck drivers, leaving them open for collisions. Should you be a motorcyclist you will know that you have to be extremely cautious when traveling and take particular care not to get into another drivers blind spot.
One of the most dangerous situations that you can face as a motorcyclist is getting in a lane that is about to be taken over by a car or a truck. When you get in this area you may find that the other vehicles are not able to find you in their standard side mirrors. This can expose you to great danger, and those vehicles that don’t have special blind spot mirrors attached to their vehicles cannot be relied upon to physically check if you are there in their blind spot before merging.

Simple precautions can be made when traveling. Don’t tailgate, many motorists think that they will save gas mileage by being so close to a truck as it eliminates the air resistance, but beware; you are at the same time in the driver’s blind spot. Should this driver brake suddenly gas mileage will be the least of your worries.

Secondly, don’t travel in other vehicles blind spots. Trucks have a wider dead zone, so being anywhere near it will mean more danger to you. If the truck needs to change lane he won’t see you hanging back there, so if you are passing make sure to do so quickly.

It takes two to have a collision. Keep looking at the driver’s rear view mirror if you can’t see his faces then you are in his blind spot. Placing MaxiView blind spot mirrors on your motorcycle side mirrors will enhance your vision and allow you to make adjustments should you need to for other drivers actions.