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The Blind Spot – Every Vehicle’s Weakness

Every vehicle has blind spots- your vehicle’s number one weakness when it comes to changing lanes with ease and confidence. Most people have to turn their head, taking their eyes off the road for vital seconds, just to ensure there is no one in their blind spot. But most people don’t want to do that, they’d rather overlook their vehicle’s weakness, and change lanes based on what is reflected in their side view mirror- never mind that it’s not showing the whole picture.

Avoid the pitfalls of your vehicle’s weakness, and install the latest Blind Spot Mirror. It is superior to traditional stick on mirrors, as it is fully adjustable, attaches with a space-age adhesive- so there’s no need to buy additional tools for installation- and reflects images back at nearly three times the rate of other stick on mirrors. With its sleek, black design, it looks at home on any vehicle, and affixes easily to towing mirrors, motorcycle mirrors, and motorhome mirrors- allowing even the clumsiest vehicles to have the superb protection from blind spots that they deserve.

Be protected from your vehicles biggest weakness night or day, as the super innovative Blind Spot Mirror has a distinctive night vision that allows it to be 100% glare proof. The blind spot mirror is also shatterproof and fog proof, guaranteed to protect you from whatever the road or weather may throw at you. Unlike the bubble or fisheye mirrors, the blind spot mirror won’t distort your vision or lead you astray with misleading distances- it provides the most accurate reflection available from a stick on mirror.
Don’t fall victim to your car’s innate blind spot weakness. Prevent future accidents with the MaxiView Blind Spot Mirror by investing in one today, and strengthen the safety of both your car and your driving.