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The Blind Spot is Every Motorist’s Weakness

This is a spot on the rear or back side of a vehicle that cannot be viewed or visualized without the assistance of a blind spot mirror. Blind spots are the major causes of collisions especially when changing lanes on the freeway. Fortunately the problem of blind spots can be solved using a blind spot mirror. This uniquely designed side mirror can be fitted in any vehicle such as on the towing mirror or motorcycle mirror. The blind spot mirror has an edge over the conventional fish-eye and bubble side mirrors because with this advanced innovation a driver is capable of accurately telling what lies in the gap behind his or her vehicle. The other types of side mirrors provide limited visibility on what lies behind or adjacent to the vehicle. Without the blind spot mirror the driver is most likely to change lanes blindly risking his or her life as well as those of others.

The blind spot mirror is one of a kind offering a 360 degree rotation that is facilitated by a swivel ball which ensures that all angles are covered at all times. It also gives a realistic representation of the image or vehicle behind you because its curvature is larger than the standard fish-eye or bubble side mirror. Installing a blind spot mirror is a simple process that does not even require tools. It simply attaches on mirrors within seconds. Its installation bonding strip has been developed using NASA technology to provide super strong all-weather bonding. It fits in all vehicles in both exterior and interior mirrors. With 360 degrees adjustability, the blind spot mirror offers full focus capability unlike the old fashioned fish-eye and bubble side mirrors. The blind spot mirror is indeed every driver’s solution to his or her blind spot weakness.