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The Logic Of The MaxiView Blind Spot Mirrors

Driving on our roads today is done so with a fair degree of risk. One of the most common road accidents that occur on a daily basis is the collisions that occur when a lane change goes wrong. When drivers involved in these collisions were questioned the answer most commonly given as to the reason why the collision occurred was that the driver making the lane change simply did not see the other vehicle in their blind spot.

The blind spot is an area that site to the side and rear of all vehicles. This means that every car, truck, bus and van as well as motorcycle on the road has a blind spot and can potentially “hide” another vehicle of the same size or bigger within that blind spot area. Some of the vehicle manufacturers started to design vehicles with a side mirror that reduces the size of the objects being reflected in an effort to reduce the number of collisions. These mirrors are rather common and you may have them yourself on your vehicle, they generally come with a warning stating that objects may be closer than they appear.

The key problem with these mirrors is that the driver has to really squint to see what is being reflected as well as having to accurately estimate the new distance between them and the other vehicle. With MaxiView blind spot mirrors both of these issues are completely resolved. MaxiView enlarges the images by three times. This allows the driver to see the object easily and enables them to gauge distance before making a lane change. MaxiView blind spot mirrors are the worlds most adjustable stick on mirror and can be placed on any make or model vehicles existing side mirrors. Considering a pair of MaxiView stick on blind spot mirrors are less than $30 it is a wonder that all vehicles on our roads aren’t fitted with them.