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The most dangerous move to make on our nation’s highways

As is commonly known the most dangerous move to make on our nation’s highways is lane changing. The presence of blind spots on the side mirrors limits the visibility of the drivers. This necessitates that the drivers take their eyes off the roads that is dangerous and distractive. In addition, if the drivers do not look over their shoulders, the possibility of a collision is high due to oncoming vehicles that were not seen due to the blind spots.

It is now possible to eliminate the risk of fatal collisions while changing lanes with the latest blind spot mirrors. Aesthetically designed to match the most luxurious and expensive vehicles mirrors and smaller vehicles like motorhome mirrors, towing mirrors, and motorcycle mirrors, the adjustable spot mirrors are a necessity to make the most dangerous move while driving.

The optical design of the state of the art blind spot mirrors offer drivers an undistorted view that is 2.5 times larger than a view offered by any other similar kind of mirrors. A 360-degrees unique swivel ball enables drivers to adjust the mirror in a way that provides full focus. The mirrors are especially suitable to fit on the upper inside corner of the side mirrors, an area where normally the sky reflects.

The superior blind spot mirrors have been tested with success on the Californian freeways and European autobahn. The experiments have proved that these adjustable spot mirrors are the most superior design available currently. In addition, the lens is made with a shatterproof material that is resistant to fog and glare of the sun. The adhesive strip used to attach the mirrors is made with superior glue that is used in battlefield stitches.

Priced at a very reasonable rate, the MaxiView blind spot mirrors are an important equipment for any vehicle to eliminate blind spots that are a common accidental cause during lane changing.