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The Most Dangerous Move To Make On Our Nation’s Highways

We are all most likely familiar with the vast number of highways and roads all over our country. It is little wonder that many of us are seen on these motorways and highways daily and that it is the most common method of getting to and from anywhere. When we consider the population and the number of vehicles that are on the roads it is no surprise to learn that we are more likely to injure ourselves or indeed die in a road collision than in any other mode of transport. When we break down the most common causes of road collisions one result keeps cropping up; lane changes are the most dangerous move a motorist can make on our highways. Why would this be the case?

When it comes to changing lanes we can all recall what our driving instructor told us to do when we are attempting to pull out into another lane. Check your rear view mirror, your side mirrors and then turn in your seat and check over your shoulder to ensure there is no one in your blind spot. Here is the danger. Shifting your position in your seat to physically check over your shoulder while traveling at speeds of up to 60 miles an hour is ludicrous!

Blind spot mirrors were manufactured to combat the problem but missed the mark when it came to effectiveness. These mirrors reduced the size of the image that was being reflected and so the driver then had to accurately estimate the distance the object was from them. Needless to say that many drivers’ estimation skills are not accurate as these blind spot mirrors have been responsible for causing more collisions than the absence of blind spot mirrors.

MaxiView blind spot mirrors change that by enlarging the reflected object in the mirror by up to three times its actual size. This allows the motorist ample time to make lane changing decisions and increases their vision of any objects in their blind spot.