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The Must Have DIY Blind Spot Mirror

Many road accidents are due to the poor visibility of adjacent lanes on freeways and highways. Most vehicles have a blind spot that can hide a vehicle changing lanes behind you. Both the rear vision and the side mirrors often fail to warn drivers in time causing often fatal collisions. The traditional blind spot mirror has proved an ineffective solution to this problem, giving an unrealistic representation of size and distance. The MaxiView Blind Spot Mirror has been specifically designed to provide a solution to this shortfall, increasing driver visibility and reducing the likeliness of a collision.

The MaxiView Blind Spot Mirror attaches to the corner of the existing side mirrors, the spot which typically reflects the sky and therefore does not interfere with the regular side mirror function. It is easily fitted to any make or model of vehicle with a high-tech, all weather self adhesive strip. Once fitted it is fully adjustable for any stature of person, using a ball swivel design allowing for easy re-adjustment. An optically engineered lens with shatterproof, fog resistant and 100% glare proof features is encased with a stylish black finish that suits all models.

The MaxiView Blind Spot Mirror is not to be confused with the old fashioned fish eye lens mirror or bubble mirrors which distort and decrease the size of the image giving the driver an unrealistic view of surrounding traffic. Image distortion can actually cause accidents and creates driver disorientation. In comparison this featured product enhances the side mirror function making them more reliable, easier to use and thus improving driver confidence. Improved visibility allows for quick manoeuvres; for instance swerving to avoid an obstacle on the road, the presence of a blind spot makes it impossible to clearly judge if the next lane is safe to move into. With the MaxiView Blind Spot Mirror response time is greatly improved due to better visibility and this makes for better and safer driving techniques. For under $30 why compromise on the safety of yourself and your passengers?