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The Smart Blind Spot Mirror Alternative

Vehicles on today’s highways and roads have a large disadvantage that many of us have grown to accept. We need not accept this major fault with vehicle manufacturing, however,m and for the safety of ourselves and others on the roads something must be done about it. The fault I am referring to is the side mirrors that are fitted to every vehicle on the road, the bus, truck, van and motorcycle as well as the car all have to have side mirrors fitted to them as a matter of law. The problem with today’s vehicles as well as the problem that they have faced since the first motor car rolled off the production line is that the side mirror does not highlight the blind spot.

A blind spot is an area that sits at the rear and side of the vehicle where the driver is unable to see an objector indeed another vehicle that is “hidden” in this area. The size of the blind spot varies according to the make and model of the vehicle but can easily fit another vehicle in there of the same size as the one being traveled in. Some attempts at remedying this issue came in the form of bubble and fish mirrors which work on the same principal as the side mirrors that we have seen recently that come with the warning that objects are closer than they appear.

These mirrors are highly ineffective as they reduce the image that you are trying to avoid. It does not make logical sense, and that is when MaxiView blind spot mirrors stepped up to the plate and developed a blind spot mirror to revolutionize the vehicle safety industry. Instead of reducing the reflected images size, MaxiView blind spot mirrors enlarge the object, leaving little doubt in the drivers mind that the vehicle needs to be avoided.