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There Are MaxiView Blind Spot Mirrors To Suit Everyone

Check out the news tonight or read your daily newspaper. You will no doubt see that there has been a collision on one of our countries highways. In fact, these are such common events you may not get to read about them any more as they no longer make news. Its a common problem that needs rectifying fast before we lose more lives on our roads. It involves the lane change and the risk that drivers put themselves at every time they get behind the wheel on a highway. They do all the things they are taught to do before making he change; they check their rear vision mirror and then glance over to their side mirrors on the vehicle, then they indicate and that’s when the problem can start. What is it that happens that ends lives and causes so many injuries here?

Unless you took your eyes from the road while you were travelling in excess of most likely 50 miles an hour, and turned your head over your shoulder to check behind you, you would not have noticed the vehicle that was sitting in your blind spot. Without taking your eyes off the road in front you wont have the ability to see if there is anyone there prior to you just missing them or colliding with them. Some of the ways that manufacturers tried to fix this problem was with the fish eye or bubble mirror. You have no doubt seen them, they come with warning saying thing s about objects being closer than the appear. The biggest fault with these mirrors is that they reduce the size of the target you are trying to avoid. Does that sound a little crazy to you too?

When it comes to comparing the bubble and fish eye mirrors to the MaxiView blind spot mirrors you couldn’t find two more opposite products. The cleverly designed MaxiView blind spot mirrors are so successful because they actually enlarge the objects in the blind spot. This means you don’t have to squint and guess as to how far away the object is, the MaxiView blind spot mirror will reflect it up to three times bigger than it actually is. If you see an object in your MaxiView mirror and it look like its close, then you know its not safe to make that lane change. I don’t know about you, but I would rather be given too much of a heads up on my safety than not enough at all.

MaxiView blind spot mirrors are clever in where they are placed on the vehicles existing mirrors. Normally when you look at your side mirrors they reflect the side of the vehicle, part of the road behind and the sky. Now, we all know the sky has no bearing on whether it is safe to change lanes or not, and so this is where the MaxiView blind spot mirrors are placed. You wont lose any vision on the rest of the mirror, you will enhance it by utilising all the space. With a 360 degree patented ball and swivel design, these mirrors are suitable to the tiniest and most petite of grannies all the way through to the tallest basketball star you can think of. It doesn’t matter what the height of the driver, the MaxiView blind spot mirror will suit all.