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Today, Thankfully, There Is The Maxi View

If you are driving on the freeway and suddenly you see the motorists up ahead slowing, you quickly realize that you will need to slow as well or change lanes. This may seem like a couple f simple options but in reality they are fraught with danger. If you choose to change lanes then you are placing yourself in the perfect position to have an accident or collision. Why? Lane changes are the leading cause of collisions and indeed fatalities in the country.

Why would this be such a dangerous task to achieve? It may surprise you to learn that it is due to the one factor that has been apparent on all motor vehicles dating right back to when the very first clunky and awkward vehicle rolled off the assembly line. It had a blind spot to the side of it just as your vehicle has one today. In fact, every vehicle that you encounter on the road will have a blind spot if they have a side mirror. A design flaw?Possibly. A largely overlooked flaw for many years it seems.

The options to remedy it have been largely unsuccessful up until now. IN the past the only true option was to turn yourself in the seat, twist your neck and look over your shoulder to physically ascertain there was no other vehicle behind you. This doesn’t make sense when traveling at more than 50 miles an hour on a busy highway.

Then there was the bubble mirror. These came with warning that objects may be closer than they appear. These mirrors managed to reduce the size of the vehicle that you were trying so diligently to avoid.

Today thankfully there is the Maxi View blind spot mirror. Enlarging objects it reflects by up to three times their size, drivers no longer have to squint and estimate – accurately – the distance of the vehicle behind them.