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Travel safely close to large vehicles

Several car drivers are at times conscious of the risks that results by being too close to large vehicles. Often an accident of a huge trailer with a car can be fatal and cause serious injuries. Although, there are various reasons that may cause an accident, one of the most common reasons is the existence of blind spots. Blind spot are those areas in the viewing mirrors that are invisible to the driver and do not show the oncoming vehicles.

Blind spots are not only limited to the larger vehicles, such as trucks or trailers. These exist in the viewing mirrors of all vehicles, which include motorhome mirror, towing mirror, and motorcycle mirror. Blind spots are very dangerous and because of their existence, changing lanes has become one of the most dangerous moves to make on our nation’s highways.

A new and modern solution to these dangerous blind spots is the use of blind spot mirrors. The mirrors are extensions that can be attached to the rear view and side mirrors of any vehicle. The unique swivel ball technology makes the mirrors flexible and offers360 degrees rotation. Moreover, the mirrors can be adjusted to make a larger area visible to the drivers at any angle on the side and rear view mirrors.

An important area that is well served with the blind spot mirror is the upper inside corner, which is rarely used by drivers due to the sky that is seen from this spot. The mirrors are made with high resistance glass that does not break under an impact. Moreover, the glass is completely resistant to glare and does not fog in the cold season.

Last but not the least; the mirrors are easily attachable to the mirrors with an all-weather bonding adhesive tape. The tape is used to stitch battlefield injuries and is developed by a NASA technique, which provides a longer life to the adhesive.