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Studies both in America and Europe have proven that the use of blind spot mirrors makes the roads much safer and they actually reduce the incidences of fatal collisions on our roads. If more drivers had blind spot mirrors installed there would be fewer collisions and fewer road fatalities. There are people traveling the nation’s highways with caravans, long vehicles, camper vans and passenger cars many using extended side mirrors. If all the vehicles used blind spot mirrors in addition to their regular side mirrors the highways would be a safer way to travel.

There is one blind spot mirror on the market which has proved far superior to other blind spot mirrors because it does not distort the reflected image and gives an extended view up to 3 times larger than other designs. The lens is optically engineered from an all-weather material that is fog resistant and the ball swivel joint allows for 360 degree rotation. The MaxiView blind spot mirror attaches to the top corner of the regular side mirror with an adhesive strip.

You can install the MaxiView blind spot mirror yourself without any tools and start using it right away. Once your mirrors are fitted and adjusted you will be amazed by the extended visibility you have, even just backing out of your own driveway. You will feel much safer when you are driving in heavy traffic because the expanded view allows you to see beside and behind both sides of your car. Lane changing also becomes easier when you have a clear view of the lane you are moving into. Once you experience driving with a set of MaxiView blind spot mirrors you will not want to drive without them again and over time the added confidence improves your driving skills. Blind spot mirrors make a huge difference to the safety of this nation’s roads.