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Use blind spot mirrors to make confident lane changes

Blind spots in all vehicles, such as motorhome mirror, motorcycle mirror, and towing mirror are a reality. The presence of these areas limits the vision of the drivers, which often requires them to make dangerous estimates while changing lanes. One of the most dangerous areas is the rear blind spot areas that do not show the vehicles on the back of your car. Often, this requires that you turn around your head to check if there are any oncoming vehicles, which is equally dangerous. Then, how do you overcome these dangers? The answer is by using a new device that can be easily attached to your vehicles’ side mirrors.

These are known as blind spot mirrors, which improve the visibility of drivers resulting in lesser danger while changing lanes. The mirrors are high quality made with an optical technology, which gives these a longer life. The optical technology makes the lens shatterproof and resistant to fog. Moreover, the special night vision provides the mirrors an anti-glare feature. The fish-eye and bubble type mirrors that are currently available distort the image while enlarging the image. In addition, these mirrors provide an inaccurate distance between the vehicles, which results in catastrophes. Both these issues are eliminated by the flatter blind spot mirrors, which enlarge the vision without distorting the image.

The attachable mirrors are simple, easy, and quick to install without the use of any extra tools. The bonding strip is attachable to the inner top corner of the side mirrors with a strong adhesive. The super strength adhesive is made using a NASA-developed technology and finds application in stitching battlefield injuries. The adhesive lasts for a long time, which generally outlives the life of the vehicles. Moreover, the secret method to remove and reuse the mirrors on other vehicles is available with the blind spot mirrors.