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Use blind spot mirrors to make the lanes safer

Several incidents involving road collisions are reported in the newspapers daily. Studies undertaken by various organizations over the years in numerous parts of the world show that a large number of individuals are killed in a road accident each year. Moreover, the studies show that the highest number of collisions occur while changing lanes. You may often wonder the reason for this. The primary reason is that every vehicle has a blind spot, which does not show the traffic that is moving within that area. Moreover, the larger the vehicle is the larger is the blind spot of the vehicle, which increases the risk of collision.
After numerous efforts and R&D, a new age blind spot mirror has been developed that reduces (almost eliminates) such risks. The mirrors are easily attached to the inner top corner of the side mirrors, which generally shows the sky. The attached mirror enhances the view of the drivers without distorting the image (which is the case in fish-eye and bubble attachable mirrors). The clarity and the enhanced vision ensure that drivers make the lane changes safely without the risk of colliding with oncoming traffic.

The adhesive bonding strip used to attach the mirrors to towing mirror, motorcycle mirror, motorhome mirror, and other types of mirrors is of an excellent quality, which makes the mirrors durable. The adhesive is developed with a NASA technique and is used in stitching wounds that occur on the battlefield. Using the adhesive bonding strip, the mirror is attached to the top inner corner of the mirrors without the aid of any tools. Moreover, the secret to remove the strip without damaging the same is provided in the instruction manual. This enables users to reuse the blind spot mirrors on another vehicle in case they sale their old vehicle.