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Using Blind Spot Mirrors When Towing

Since the inception of the MaxiView blind spot mirrors motorists have reported a greater ability to see what is around their vehicle on the road and feel that their safety has increased dramatically. Compared to the redundant fish eye or bubble mirrors that were available up until MaxiView released their product, the blind spot is now a thing of the past and can actually improve the safety of drivers on the road. When towing it is imperative that you know what is surrounding your vehicle and allow for any indiscretion that other drivers may make. The MaxiView blind spot mirror can be a great addition to your safety arsenal on the road.

Towing can be a particularly difficult task when the driver is required to allow for the extra length, weight and movement of the item being towed. When this is a major consideration is when the towing is done on highways and there is a requirement to make a lane change. Lane changing is the most dangerous move a motorist can make on the road when it is just the vehicle that they are travelling in they need to consider. When you add the extra responsibility of towing to the equation you can easily understand that the risk of collision is increased dramatically.

When you have MaxiView blind spot mirrors attached to your existing side mirrors you are able to ascertain whether a lane change is safe for your vehicle and for other motorists surrounding you. Unlike the inferior fish eye and bubble mirrors MaxiView will enlarge the objects that are reflected in the blind spot, enabling the driver ample time to make a decision regarding lane changes. MaxiView blind spot mirrors will affix to any existing side mirrors and are the world’s most adjustable stick on mirror.