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Vast Improvement On The Blind Spot Mirror

The blind spot is an area that sits behind and to the back of your vehicle. All vehicles have one and they are even evident on motorcycles and trucks and buses. The size of the blind spot can vary according to the vehicle make and model and can generally “hide” an entire motor vehicle. It comes as little surprise to most of us who travel on our nations highways that lane changing is the leading cause of collisions of vehicles every year. When the drivers a were questioned after the collision as to how the accident occurred, the majority answered that they simply did not see the vehicle in their blind spot.

As if this was not enough of a wake up call to the automotive safety industry, the blind spot mirrors that have been available up until now have done little to remedy the problem and in fact have gone to further exacerbate it in some instances. The bubble or fish lens mirrors that have been installed on many vehicles have been the cause of many lane changing accident s. These mirror reflect a shrunken image of the vehicle or object in the blind spot. It is up to the driver to estimate (accurately) how far away the vehicle is based on the miniaturised version of it.

MaxiView mirrors saw the major inconsistencies with this design and set about developing an innovative and remarkable solution to blind spot mirrors. They have developed the worlds most adjustable mirror that can be stuck on to any vehicles existing side mirrors. They can be viewed by any driver regardless of their height or seating position. Plus, the image that is reflected in the MaxiView blind spot mirror is enlarged by up to 3 times its regular size, giving drivers adequate time to determine safety of their lane change. At less than $30 a pair they make perfect sense to add to your vehicles safety aspect.