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There are several different traffic maneuvers which cause accidents on our nation’s roads but the one which stands out to be more dangerous than the rest is changing lanes. The reason that lane changing is so dangerous is because often the driver is not aware of vehicles approaching in the adjacent lane, because of the blind spot. Lane changing causes more collisions on American roads than any other maneuver and the only way that it can be remedied is with an efficient state of the art set of blind spot mirrors. Sadly most makes and models of vehicle have blind spots that the manufacturers failed to remove, so it is up to the car owner to provide a solution.

The MaxiView blind spot mirror is an improved design which has been extensively tested on American highways and results show that it actually significantly reduces the amount lane changing collisions. Drivers can see the exact position of nearby vehicles and so they are less likely to make a badly informed decision. It only costs around $30 to buy a set of these innovative blind spot mirrors and they can be attached to the side mirrors of most vehicles, including motor homes, pickup trucks, camper vans as well as regular cars. The mirrors are easy to fit needing no special equipment. They are attached to the top corner of the side mirror and do not interfere with the side mirrors function in any way. You can finely adjust the blind spot mirrors to the correct position because they are mounted on a ball swivel joint.

One installed the blind spot mirrors will open up your view of the road considerably and take the danger out of changing lanes forever. You will still have to watch out for other drivers that do not have blind spot mirrors fitted, but your increased visibility will ensure you will never cause a lane changing collision.