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Why Reduce The Size Of The Hazard You Are Trying To Avoid?

When it comes to comparing the bubble type or fish eye mirrors to the revolutionary Maxi View blind spot mirrors you couldn’t find two more opposite styled products. The cleverly designed Maxi View blind spot mirrors are so successful because they actually magnify and enlarge the objects that are hiding in the vehicles blind spot. This means you don’t have to squint and strain trying to see the distortedly small object and estimate as to how far away it actually is. The Maxi View blind spot mirror will reflect anything it captures in your blind spot up to three times larger than it really is. What a profoundly simple and yet until now completely overlooked concept!

If you see an object in your Maxi View mirror and it look like its close, then you know it’s not safe to make that lane exchange. Should you be using your bubble or fish eye lens and see an object in your mirror then you have to accurately estimate the actual distance it may be away from you and hope that when you choose to make a lane change that your estimations have been correct. Is it really any wonder that so many of the vehicles involved in both lane change fatalities and incidents have a bubble or fish eye mirror fitted? Clearly, those mirrors are not at all effective in aiding the driver. I don’t know about you, but should I need to avoid another moving object that has the potential to injure and even kill me then I certainly don’t want you to reduce the size of it in my mirrors.

MaxiView Blind Spot Mirrors are the obvious choice for road safety and making safer more efficient lane changes. At less than $30 a pair should you really be on the road without them?